Thursday, September 27, 2018

Our Second by Peter Reum

               Our Second

There was a time long ago
When I had infinite seeds to sow
Like Johnny Appleseed planted
Endless fruit freely granted
There were no results worrying long
Doubting that my seeds were strong

The first seed that germinated
Canceled anger for those terminated
The feelings of aloneness abated
I finally belonged to someone
Whose heritage was concentrated
In a tiny human brought to life
Whose development was in my wife

My then wife wanted more kids
We came together, to extend our brood
At first things were quite normal
Circumstances were conspiringly rude
To terminate our son's life before
We could plan his birth and ignore
The complications that closed his door

My then wife fell deeply in grief
Came through intact gave her relief
She wanted a second child because
Our lovely daughter needed company
Saying no child should grow up alone
My intuition warned me the second 
Would have complications unknown

She was born on a cold winter day
Her emergence was in a sacred way
Enchanted were we the doctor would say
He had never delivered hearing angels play
As time conspired to smudge our joy
I noticed our new baby was delayed
In development markers along her way

Her best friend noticed circumstances
That caused concern for me and chances
Were ripe for disappointment for my wife
She seemed to say that our baby's life
Would be fine there could be nothing
Wrong but when her friend disclosed
Our second baby's life faced a crooked road

Her husband and best friend had displaced
The pride of giving the baby sacred grace
My then wife was so deeply grieving
The child whose life faced weaving
A blanket of colors different from our first
My wife tried to hide her grief, her joy burst

My special education history took action
To mitigate my beautiful baby's traction
When things emerged that I saw coming
Our child's mother could not face
That our daughter she thought a disgrace

Although I knew that genetic consultation
Would most likely fail to answer
My wife acted like our baby had cancer
Stoically seeking an answer she looked
For a reason our second child miscooked

God brought a package that winter day
Whose life I still celebrate in every way
My then wife slowly died tragically 
While my absence daily I wished magically
Would end amicably  my grief fell tragically

Copyright 2018 by Peter Reum
All Rights Reserved