Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Trumpsy and Mumpsy Screw the Indigenous for Beads and Trinkets of Capitalism

When I began this blog, I  hoped to contribute my view on a variety of topics pertaining to the Western United States, as well as commentary on personal interests as well. As time went Trumpon, I branched out into poetry, book reviews, and environmental topics. I have generally
refrained from political commentary. As a citizen of the United States,  my energy has been channeled through organizations that take a long view of this planet's health and well-being.

The Lakota leader Crazy Horse advocated that tribal decisions should be made with children seven generations ahead of of the current generations ahead. The heritage of various tribes has been progressively and systematically destroyed by people and corporations that remain unaccountable for the damage they have wrought without accountability for their decisions.

Around the world, the decisions made by corporations and individuals seeking wealth at the cost of environmental degradation and irreparable damage have made the immediate generation ahead so vulnerable that many people are making a decision to not have children
due to the climate change that threatens to ruin coastal, agricultural, traditional, and Indigenous Tribes' quality of life  and archaeological quality of past lives studied.

Most recently, the President of the USA has abrogated and disrespected the Indigenous Tribes of Southern Utah and the Four Corners region by removing 80% of the land allocated for Bears Ear National Monument from the boundaries established after extensive negotiation between area residents of Southern Utah, and tribes in the region of Southern Utah.

The current President's disrespect for cultural facets of the Indigenous Tribes of the Four  Corners region in The American
West has been another example of the hundreds of years disrespect the European settlers and U.S. Governmental have visited upon Native American peoples from the
first days of Columbus's landing in what he believed was Asia.

The disregard of the needs of Indigenous
People's cultural traditional and sacred ways of addressing the lands, waters, and species of animals from throughout the Americas has led to chaos for tribes whose
outlook on this planet's health is the basis
of entire cultures that make up the
humans of the Americas.

Species whose very existence is endangered
are at best having an even chance of survival. Sadly, the same is true for the hundreds of Indigenous Tribal Cultures that, against the odds, have hung onto their languages, spiritual beliefs, land and specie's pre-Columbian relationships with animals, other tribes, and traditional lands.

Thanks to European and then American ignorance of the tribal religions, cultural
methods ofs arranging their beliefs, boundaries of traditional lands, and diets, were uprooted or ignored.   The United States and its European manner of deciding that traditional lands and tribal/cultural manner of interaction with other tribes and European/Americans was to be utilized without respect for long cultural mores that were in place for centuries. The disrespect and imperialism of European/American  conquest of such advanced cultures, led to a series of unfortunate events that nearly extinguished the Indigenous people of the entire North and South American continents. Tribal culture and spiritual beliefs were outlawed.

The liquidation of an estimated 100 million Native Americans throughout the America's from the landing of what Columbus thought was the Far East was the result of European and then American greed for gold and silver. There is no excuse in the manner of enslaving Indigenous cultures. The disregard by the Trump Looney Toons of the needs of Indigenous Tribes to respect various Tribes' burial of their ancestors.

There is only one factor that is the main consideration of Trump and his lackies. This is the question of each day that governs Trump Administration decisions. That question is......is there a way to capitalize this issue and enlarge Trump's
narcissistic manner of viewing himself, no matter who is screwed in the process.

In my home, the Bear Ears decision by Trump and his Secretary of the Interior, has come to be another example of massive stupidity and abuse of Indigenous Tribes' independ and soverignty. As a result, we have elected to address the President as Trumpsy or Trumpkoff. His Interior Secretary is addressed as Mumpsy. These labels convey the same attitude towards these men as he evinces toward Indigenous Tribes' soverignty.

In short, this administration is the most disrespectful of Indigenous People since the late 1800s. From where I sit, their blatant of Indigenous Tribes' soverignty is as barbaric as smearing smallpox on blankets and given to tribes or viewing the Tribes' world as a culture to be eradicated. There is a special place in Hades for Trumpkoff's self loving Capitalists, as any person who disturbs a grave for his own enrichment.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

The Friends and Transcendental Meditation Connection by Peter Reum

  • In the autumn of 1967, Dennis Wilson was able to hear a lecture by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of the spiritual discipline of Transcendental Meditation(TM). Dennis, although impressed by The Maharishi, oddly enough was the only Beach Boy who did not take up TM after meeting the Maharishi in Paris in January 0f 1968. Michael Love joined the Beatles and Donovan, among others, in an intense two week introduction to the principles of how to use TM in February  of 1968 to clarify the mind, refresh from a busy day, and how to use TM to enhance artistic creativity. 

    While speaking with the Maharishi, Linda Eastman, later Linda McCartney, snapped a photo of Brian Wilson yawning, probably due to jet lag. In time, all of the Beach Boys except Dennis and Bruce Johnston learned the fundamental principles of TM and benefitted from it. TM is derived from a long tradition of meditation to improve mental clarity and health, as well as physical health. The TM candidate is given a word or sound which is designed to be a tool to focus the mind. The two sessions per day meditation exercise is usually in the morning after rising and in the evening before retiring.

    The exercises of TM derive from Hindu sacred scriptures, as well as the advanced courses. The advanced courses are designed to enhance benefits from the basic TM course as well as train future instructors in the basic TM training. Meditation, as practiced in various instruction by gurus and spiritual teachers is designed to also clear the chakras, which are the spiritual focus areas for various body functions, such as thought, spinal health, and many others. In TM, the layperson entering the TM instruction is to learn to focus energy and slow  down the mind, which in occidental countries is constantly self-analyzing.  The dedicated initiate is usually able to at least partially master the discipline of focusing on the breathing function of the body and on the use of the word given for repetition while meditating, called a mantra, to divert the undisciplined mind from the everyday thoughts that generate anxiety and sometimes lead people into anxiety and depression.

    In his 1963 book, entitled The Science of Being and Art of Living, the Maharishi proposed that words spoken in everyday discourse have vibrations and that the mantra should be given in a manner that is personalized for the TM beginner. These mantras help the TM initiate to learn to develop an open mental condition that is primed to receive new insights based on the meditation routine. An advanced course, called TM-Sidhi Program is available for the experienced TM practitioner. 

    There has been some confusion upon the use of mantras. The simplest way to differentiate between them is that the religious practice of formal Hindu worship is from the Vedic Scriptures. The Tantric Scriptures are used for initiates and practitioners who are not Hindu believers. TM is probably the most researched form of Meditation practice worldwide. The literature concerning studies on TM indicates over 350 studies have been completed.

    For the Beach Boys, the internal conflict that sometimes surfaced in corporate decisions was at times difficult. With the Wild Honey lp, the group rewound their studio method to more of a home centered and homemade approach. The Beach Boys created a studio in Brian and Marilyn's living room. With the new cooperation at the home studio, the group simplified their music to help the touring group to stop hearing "that sure doesn't sound like the record" impression that fans sometimes observed. For  Friends, the group adopted the same recording style, with the Friends album serving as a symbol of goodwill, not only between the Beach Boys themselves, but also with Murry Wilson, who came in and sang bass on Be Here In the Morning. The release of the Friends single signaled the group's creative direction, followed by the Friends album, which was harmonically complex, yet sounded less "busy" than any Beach Boys album up to that time. The TM discipline was mentioned as the theme and title of the closing song on Friends. I have always wondered if it's rather strong and loud track was designed to highlight the peace and quiet of the Friends lp's runout groove. Guess I'll never know....