Friday, March 22, 2013

Review of Peter Lacey's Song From a Loft by Peter Reum

Review of Peter Lacey's Songs From a Loft by Peter Reum
PETER LACEY's new cd, Songs From A Loft captures that part of me that curls up in front of a Montana fireplace on a cold winter night with some Kahlua and a good friend. It's a album which brings out memories and feelings of intimacy and peace. Several songs have a feeling of being handcrafted in a manner in which the first PAUL McCARTNEY solo album is done, or like Smiley Smile without the juvenile silliness. The whole album exudes a warmth which gives it a homemade feel without being primitive. 'Sunrise', 'More Than Wonderful', and 'Sandman' will be welcome revelations to those who love beautiful melody, well crafted production, and vocals done with care and warmth. Friends I played the album for were reminded of BRIAN WILSON types of chord changes. 'The Outermost Inn' is a striking instrumental interlude which took me to memories of galloping at full stride on horseback on a spring morning. It is beautiful in the manner of 'Lets Go Away For A While' on Pet Sounds.
There are small gems which bring a feeling of mood, such as 'Orient Tear', and surprises like 'River Round' which create a feeling of modular production reminscent of 'Rio Grande' or 'Been Way Too Long'. Truly a creative wonder this... 'Wally Thomas' returns to a sort of McCartney-esque period type of work capturing days gone by which can never be relived, only remembered. 'Lo-Fi-Hi-Fly' is another instrumental interlude which charms and brings some English Soul in a BOOKER T meets 10CC manner. The gorgeous 'The Old Haunt', 'The Garden Of Sleep', and 'To Summer Eyes' bring a wistful and sad, yet beautifully intimate picture of love gone wrong yet fondly remembered.
In many ways, Peter has combined the intimacy of an album like Smiley Smile with the wistfulness and spirituality of a Pet Sounds. This is an album to play and replay, allowing it to seep into your soul like a late winter snow just before spring emerges triumphant and hope is renewed.

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